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Contrary to what you might hear...
all title companies are not created equal. 

COMPARE FEES. Yes, Title Insurance Rates are set by the the Ohio Department of Insurance and therefore are the same at all companies...HOWEVER Company Fees are set by the individual companies and and can vary
significantly. The most basic fees charged are a closing/settlement fee, a title exam fee and a deed prep fee. Many companies also charge an update & record fee, doc prep fees, overnight mail fees, wiring fees and the list can go on and on nickling and diming you.  At EnTrust Title Agency we feel those fees should all be part of our closing fee, therefore with us, you are charged a closing fee, title exam fee, and deed prep fee.  You will not be charged extra for incidentals. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Our staff is highly trained and
has worked in the title and closing business for most of their careers.  We are up to date and continue our education to ensure minimal mistakes. We know how to clear title and resolve issues quickly getting you to the closing table sooner.

SERVICE is the biggest difFerence among title companies.  We take pride in our service.  We treat everyone with respect.  We keep everyone informed throughout the process.  We take pride in our jobs and our company. You can always TRUST US to have your best interests at heart...to treat you fairly...and to get you into your dream home and on with your lives.


TRUST US to get you into your dream home and on with your lives!


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