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Our experienced staff has the ability to do this job right.  We have also all experienced how not to do it and saw the horrors of closings gone badly. EnTrust Title is a customer service driven company.  That means service to you the lender...and service to your clients. Our goal is to create a seamless closing experience.

We will always charge a fair price. Our cosing price is $200. TOTAL. We do not charge extras for doing our job (ie: faxing, overnights, wiring, etc.) This makes it much simpler and more accurate when preparing your good faith estimate.  You don't have to worry about extras.

We would appreciate an opportunity to go to work for you and hope you will entrust us with your closings.


TRUST US to get you into your dream home and on with your lives!

COST ESTIMATES:  To obtain a borrowers estimate for your GFE, please use the First American Title Insurance Calculator shown directly below this paragraph. When you click on the tab it will take you to the FA calculator.  You want to click on Title Insurance and Recording Fees. Then use the drop downs for property information regarding state, city and type of transaction.  Type in depending on type of transaction, purchase price and loan amount.  Continue and complete all pertinent information on endorsements, recorded docs and number of pages, etc. You can show the actual total of half of the title insurance premium or leave the entire amount if that is how you configure your GFE. The calculator will configure all of these costs. You will  then need to add our closing/settlement fee, which is $200.00 inclusive, no additional fees for overnights, for doc prep, recording, etc. For purchases, this fee is split between buyer and seller. Your borrowers half will be $100.00.  The borrower will also pay for the mortgage survey if you are requiring. These surveys cost approximately $160.00 in our area for a city lot of 5 acres and less. If you are figuring for a refinance, you will also have to figure in the cost of a title exam which is $200.00. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FYI...If you use Internet Explorer for your browser, it must be version 9 or higher.  Otherwise you can access using FireFox or Google Chrome as your browser.

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